The IPC is currently putting the finishing touches on the timetable for the ICME-15 program. An example is provided below: to stay up to date with the latest developments on the Congress timetable, register your interest on this page.

International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC)

07-Jul-24 08-Jul-24 09-Jul-24 10-Jul-24 11-Jul-24 12-Jul-24 13-Jul-24 14-Jul-24

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8
Time Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
0800-0830 Registration Registration/Networking Sponsored events/Networking Sponsored events/Networking Excursion Day Sponsored events/Networking Networking Networking
0900-0930 Opening Ceremony

Darling Harbour Theatre
Plenary Lecture (PL) 1

Darling Harbour Theatre
Plenary Lecture (PL) 2 Workshops (WS) ICMI Study reports (IS) Plenary Lecture (PL) 3 Plenary Lecture (PL) 4
1000-1030 Awardee Lectures (AL)

Darling Harbour
Parkside 1
Cockele Bay Room
Invited Lecture (IL) 2 Posters (PS) 2 Closing Ceremony

Darling Harbour Theatre
1030-1100 Morning Tea
1100-1130 Morning Tea Morning Tea Morning Tea Topic Study Group (TSG-A) 3 Morning Tea
1130-1200 Invited Lecture (IL) 1

Darling Harbour Theatre
Plenary Panel (PP) 1 ICMI Affiliates (IA) National Presentation (NP) Plenary Panel (PP) 2 Farewell Gathering
1230-1300 Lunch Lunch
1300-1330 Lunch Lunch Lunch
1330-1400 Topic Study Group (TSG-B) 3
1400-1430 Topic Study Group (TSG-A) 1 Workshops (WS) 1 Survey report (SR) Topic Study Group (TSG-B) 2 Topic Study Group (TSG-A) 4
1500-1530 Posters (PS) 1 Invited Lecture (IL) 3 Invited Lecture (IL) 4
1530-1600 Afternoon Tea Afternoon Tea
1600-1630 Topic Study Group (TSG-B) 1 Discussion Groups (DG) 1 Afternoon Tea Afternoon Tea Afternoon Tea
1630-1700 Topic Study Group (TSG-A) 2 Discussion Groups (DG) 2 Topic Study Group (TSG-B) 4

1800-1830 Welcome Reception