Invited Lectures

The IPC is delighted to announce that the scholars in the table below will be presenting Invited Lectures at ICME-15.

Several scholars are considering their invitations; a full list of speakers and lecture topics will be announced in the ezine in 2023. Register your interest to subscribe to our mailing list and stay up to date as the Congress progresses.

Danielle Amour Australia
Anna Baccaglini-Frank Italy
Sarah Bansilal South Africa
Lisa Lunney Borden Canada
Arindam Bose India
Sylvia Celedon-Pattichis USA
Man Ching Esther Chan Australia
Theodore Chao USA
Daniel Chazan USA
Aurélie Chesnais France
Ban Heng Choy Singapore
Edward Doolittle Canada
Toya Frank USA
Vince Geiger Australia
Pedro Gómez Colombia
Katalin Gosztonyi Hungary
Yufeng Guo China
Anahí Huencho Chile
Jodie Hunter New Zealand
Ladislav Kvasz Czech Republic
Woong Lim Korea
Uldarico Malaspina Peru
James A. Mendoza Álvarez USA
Siun nic Mhuiri Ireland
Roger Miarka Brazil
Mikio Miyazaki Japan
Verónica Molfino Uruguay
Samantha Morrison South Africa
Tracey Muir Australia
Lisnet Mzwaadzangati Malawi
Oi-Lam Ng Hong Kong
Keiichi Nishimura Japan
Samet Okumus Turkey
Jeongsuk Pang Korea
Ioannis Papadopoulos Greece
Hugo Parra Venezuela
Alon Pinto Irsrael
Anita Rampal India
Benjamin Rott Germany
Ángel Ruiz Costa Rica
James Russo Australia
Luz Manuel Santos Trigo Mexico
Veronica Sarungi Tanzania
Carly Sawatzki Australia
Sara Scaglia Argentina
Masitah Shahrill Brunei
Nathalie Sinclair Canada
Romina Ann Soon Yap Philippines
Alejandra Sorto USA
Guangming Wang China
Keith Weber USA
Stefan Zehetmeier Austria


Key Dates

Milestones Dates
Expressions of Interest to participateNow Open
First AnnouncementNow Available
Proposals for National Presentations & Discussion GroupsNow Open
Proposals for National Presentations close31-Dec-22
TSG Papers and Posters processes opens01-Mar-23
Second Announcement01-May-23
Proposals for Workshops open01-May-23
Congress Registrations open01-Jun-23
Solidarity Fund Applications open01-Jun-23
Proposals for Discussion Groups and Workshops close01-Nov-23
Applications for support from Solidarity Fund close30-Nov-23
Full Congress Program released on website and smartphone app01-June-24